Bryan Sansbury of Aegis and Max Gagliardi formerly of Ancova

I wanted to hear about Bryan and Max’s recent merger so I had them on to tell me all about it.  Bryan’s company Aegis is a leader in hedging advisory for commodities; Max’s company Encova has a leading technology platform and strong marketing expertise in the physical markets.  I’m always skeptical of deals that seem like perfect fits, tons of synergies, asset-less but people based businesses.  But this merger seems to have really worked.  Cool discussion on culture, fit and complementary skill sets.  And of course, having Bryan and Max on, we geeked out on a lot of energy trends  - nukes, AI, electricity demand, heck we even chatted about campus protests and the media.  These guys are great. 

0:29 - Aegis and Encova Merge
1:48 - Merging a People Business
6:48 - What Does Aegis Do Today
13:18 - Ideal E&P Company Size
15:29 - Financial Pitch to Customers
17:41 - Physical Pitch to Customers
19:54 - How ANCOVA is Different
23:53 - Power of Machine Learning
26:37 - What ANCOVA Does
27:00 - Nat Gas Producers Selling Electrons
31:18 - Nat Gas Key for AI
34:58 - How Nat Gas Producers Should Sell Electrons
39:10 - AI Applications
42:17 - Nuclear Energy Discussion
46:08 - Enverus Team Insights
51:37 - Matt's Quarterly Director Survey
56:20 - College Campus Protests
59:50 - Media Incentives
1:01:40 - Wrapping Up
1:03:25 - Cancel Culture
1:06:50 - Closing Thoughts
1:10:45 - Perception of Tech

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Bryan Sansbury of Aegis and Max Gagliardi formerly of Ancova
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