Jag Gattu of UptimeAI Inc. on Chuck Yates Needs A Job

In this rollicking episode of "Chuck Yates Needs a Job," I, the perpetually clueless host, Chuck Yates, bumble my way through the mind-blowing world of AI with Jag Gattu, the genius Founder & CEO of UptimeAI Inc. Buckle up as I try to wrap my old-school brain around how AI is basically becoming the Yoda of industrial operations, solving problems faster than I can say, "What’s a Wi-Fi?"
Here's the scoop: We’re losing those seasoned experts who could fix anything with a wrench and a glare. Enter UptimeAI, Jag’s brainchild, which acts like a virtual expert, connecting all the tech dots to make refineries, power plants, and other heavy industries run smoother than a greased-up slide. While I try to figure out how to turn on my own microphone, Jag breaks down how AI is diagnosing issues and making operations safer, more efficient, and a heck of a lot more profitable.
Jag also takes a contrarian dive into the moral and societal impacts of AI, which is way more interesting than my usual rants about kids these days. We chat about the future of AI and how startups like UptimeAI are leading the charge. Oh, and did I mention Jag’s inspiring backstory? It involves his dad, water treatment plants, and a lot of smarts—none of which I can relate to.
So, join us for some laughs, a few tech-induced head scratches, and a whole lot of insight into how AI is kicking butt in heavy industries. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here, fumbling with my tech and making sure you’re entertained.

0:00 - Intro
1:15 - What is Uptime AI
4:18 - What is AI
11:14 - Is AI Good or Bad
13:45 - What Rules Would You Make
16:39 - The Impact of AI on Democracy
20:22 - Why Did You Start UptimeAI
23:56 - The Great Crew Change
27:18 - The Next Level of Efficiency
31:55 - Looking at the Whole Picture
33:55 - Starting a Company
34:21 - Starting a Company During COVID
39:08 - Your First Sale
44:00 - How Did You Finance Your Business
47:35 - Advice for CEOs
51:47 - Who Should Call You
53:33 - How Much Does It Cost

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Jag Gattu of UptimeAI Inc. on Chuck Yates Needs A Job
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